cymlee asked: 36, 47, 87, 94

36: Do you have any summer plans yet? - In hopes of working full time and/or having an internship in my field, going back home to save up, working with the BRIJ Fund, and just hanging loose.

47: Honestly, what’s on your mind right now? - Wondering what’s next after graduation.. Being able to support myself… What the next few months are going to be like for me… relationships and how to tell my family about even though they might be skeptical… My spiritual and how it ties into sexuality.

87: What is your astrological sign? SCORPIO! 

94: Name four things that you wish you had! This one is hard because I try not to ask for much… But: Enough money to study abroad, top notch film equipment, better relationship with my family, a vacation!


driver roll up the partition pleeeease

sike you know im broke im walkin on the streeeeet

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blackgirlorangemind asked: Well, I should finally admit that I had a crush on you too, lol!

I KNEW IT!!!! 


I really try to be someone people feel comfortable talking with. I’m honored when someone feels comfortable enough to confide in me, because sharing things is not easy. I’m realizing that not everyone has that quality as the year goes on. I’m still going be me though.

blackgirlorangemind asked: So I see you're playing the numbers game on here so I thought I would get in on it and give you some numbers, lol. 11, 63, 81.


11: You can only drink ONE liquid for the rest of your life - what is it? - Fresh squeezed orange juice!

63: What was the last movie you saw? - Hoop Dreams

81: Has someone who had a crush on you ever confessed to you? - Oh yeah. I remember back in high school and I was scared out of my mind lol.