nuk-pu-nuk asked: 39,46,68

39: Do you have a secret that you’ve never told anyone? - I have quite a few.

46: Do you regret anything? - I try to be grateful and inspired by every moment. Everything happens with reasoning.

68: Are you happy with where you live? - I love it here… It’s convenient to everything… But it’s something I shouldn’t experience this young… I rather be someone a little more cheaper…

Locs x snapbacks

When someone puts the camera on me.

unl1ketherest asked: Looking clean as fuck in that blazer Les! ◇SWAG◇

Thank you!

*dust shoulders off*

Nice Guy.

My time is crucial and my work is valuable. I don’t have enough time to be joining any other projects… I already have a lot on my plate with school, work, volunteering and myself… I’m so nice that I over extend myself… I can no longer do anything for free… Even if it’s paid work, I can’t stress it enough that I can’t stress myself… I just have to say no and catch up with what I GOTTA do… 

Anonymous asked: I have been following you on Tumblr for years now and to this day I am still saying how very proud I am of your accomplishments and your transformation. And I must admit, I find you strikingly beautiful.

You don’t have to be anonymous! I can’t even probably thank you! But I’m am most humble to receive this message and thanks for following my journey.


Red Line sound collage I made for my class Re-Sounding Black Chicago. Purpose of this project was to make a field recording of my travel on the CTA Red Line train in Chicago. To hear changes (culturally) from stop to stop. I recorded my commute on several occasions: Night, Day, North Bound and South bound. I incorporated voice overs from a separate interview I had with Black Film Society at Columbia College Chicago where Joseph Phillips and Jessica Paul talk about segregation in Chicago and how the Red relates to that. I composed sounds that relates to House Music as it was founded here in Chicago. I added filters through these sounds to give it an abstract/experimental feel.

All composed, edited and recorded by Jovan ‘jlesliemonique’ Landry.

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Pictures I took over the course of the day.

I thought it was great lighting and I wanted to take a few pics..