Chi Voices Poet Spotlight with Shelyse Santiago Opio! Get a scoop on her piece and experience working on set!

CHI~VOICES is a media project with six premier poets who creatively express their personal experiences with [Chicago] violence in their communities through Spoken Word and Film.


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A short film by Creative Producer Jessica Estelle Huggins that explores violence using the voices of Chicago poets from the Black and Brown communities heavily impacted by this epidemic. In partnership with BRIJ, we were able to assist in securing a collaboration between Institute for Positive Livings second change program which resulted in the receipt of the Illinois Humanities Media Grant, spring 2014. BRIJ has also assisted the crew with fundraising, administrative support and marketing. The film will premier this fall and tour high schools and colleges shortly thereafter.

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Need to come from the self and the most high..

I Pray..

For understanding and acceptance within myself.

Making My 1st Attempt at Iced Chai..

Here it goes…

chiandsocial asked: what's chi voices? I can't financially back it up, but i'd still like to know about it.

Well, I’m glad you asked chiandsocial!


So Chi~Voices is a poetic film series on the youth violence in Chicago told by spoken word artists.. Each poet has their own piece/scenario/experience about violence that we bring to life through film.

The purpose of the project is to of course be an alternative for the youth, encouraging them to utilize their skills to make a positive impact in their communities, so we would like to showcase the film in high schools, youth centers and NFP Organizations around Chicago. What’s also unique about us is that we are using poetry (which Chicago is deeply grounded in), film, with real life stories!

And that’s ok if you can’t donate, we do need more supporters on our Facebook, Twitter, WordpressInstagram, and YouTube so that they can stay in touch with the project, spread the word, and make a difference in their community! 

So that’s a brief summary and I hope you support!

"I only deal with it now because I know it’s just temporary."

- jlesliemonique.

Does it Count As Babysitting…

• If you leave in the middle of the night because they are only sleeping?

• Entertaining them?

• Feeding Them?

• Taking them to school/camp?

• Or any other the motherly tasks you should be doing but too busy on your phone or sleep?

Where’s my compensation? Even if there’s no pay involved, at least be grateful and appreciative. You’ll get what you want in life by being nice to people. They’ll give you favors in return if you keep that bond up.

Hip Hop Perspectives: Nicki vs Iggy

This video is inspired by a Tumblr post I saw with screenshots of when Nicki Minaj’s tweets from July 2nd, 2014 stating that women should aspire for more and her inspirations. Agreeing with those statements and some of the things that were said at the BET Awards ‘14, I still feel that her image, character and the “no-shade” thrown at Iggy are showing another side of her that’s saying something else. We also get into Iggy Azalea on ghostwriting, and how she is being marketed as a white-Australian-female rapper in American [Hip Hop] culture. This video comes from two people of different perspectives: Female Hip Hop Artist/Black Woman perspective and a Journalist/Black Woman/Listener perspective. I want to express that I am on neither side of Iggy or Nicki, but rather where I feel like they stand in [female] hip hop culture. - By jlesliemonique and thatgirllahainasoul.

Insīt Studio Promo

Video I put together with my colleague G’Jordan Williams for Insīt Studio, in Bronzeville (Chicago).